How to send S2S clicks to AppsFlyer?

Usually, when a user clicks on a banner (1) he will be redirected to AppsFlyer (2) that then will redirect the user to the store (3). 


If a partner wishes to redirect the user directly to the store, the partner should also send a S2S click to AppsFlyer.

The S2S click URL is similar to the normal click URL, but the following parameter should be added:


If a deviceID or a referrer is not appended to the click URL AppsFlyer will fall back to its fingerprinting method to do attribution.

In such cases, the partner must append all of the following parameters on the S2S Click URL:





The value for the af_lang parameter should be formatted according to the ISO 639-1 standard. For example:

  • English - en
  • Russian - ru
  • Spanish - es

If you wish to localize, follow the Language Localisation standard. For example:

  • American English - en-US
  • British English - en-GB
  • Mainlan Chinese - zh-CN
  • Mexican Spanish - es-MX

However, if a partner sends AppsFlyer either one of the 3 above parameters on the click and is not whitelisted, AppsFlyer will disregard all such clicks.
To be whitelisted please reach out to your dedicated Partner Development Manager or to

The deviceID can be added to the click URL in any of the below methods:


It is important that the users IP location and not the IP of the servers location is send on the click. There are 2 ways of doing this:

1. To append it on the http headers based on X-Forwarded
2. To append it on the click under the macro af_ip (as seen above)
In cases where both of the above are appended the af_ip on the click will prevail.

The User Agent MUST be added to the header call, see example below:



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