Limiting team member access to data

At a glance: Limit team member access to data using media sources and Geo (country). These limitations also restrict team member access to other platform functions and data. 

Manage data permissions

It is possible to restrict advertiser team member access to data; their access will be limited to 1 or more media sources (ad networks/agencies) and/or Geo (country/region).

Default status: Access to all media sources and countries (Geo).

To limit data access:

  1. Go to Team members > Add member > Manage data permissions > Limit data access
  2. Set limitations:
    • Media sources: Mark Selected and select one or more media sources.
    • Organic: To permit access to organic data, select Organic from the list of media sources. 
    • Geo: Mark Selected and choose one or more countries.
  3. Click Save.
    Result: Team member can only access specified data. Access to previously-accessible data is revoked, except for the exceptions listed below. 

Available dashboards and reports

Team members with restricted access can use the following dashboards, reports, and pages.

Dashboard/report/page Details
  • Overview
  • Retargeting
  • Events

Raw data report

Admin must enable access to raw data

Performance report

  • Partners

  • Partners by date

  • Daily

  • GEO

  • GEO by date

Retargeting report

  • Partners

  • Partners by date

  • Daily

  • GEO

  • GEO by date

App settings (read-only access)


Integrated partners

Team members can only access and configure the media sources they are restricted to.

SDK integration test



Limitation Details

Custom media sources
(SMS, email, TV, etc.)

  • Custom media sources (SMS, email, TV, etc.) cannot be restricted.
  • Drop-down list of media sources only reflects integrated-partners.

Live alerts

Team members with media source- and/or Geo-access limitations still receive configured live alerts that they previously had permissions for. Admin can manually remove live alerts.


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