Limiting team member access to data (Beta)

At a glance: Limit team member access to data using media sources and Geo (country). These limitations also restrict team-member access to other platform functions and data. 

Manage data permissions

It is possible to restrict team members access to data; they can be limited to one or more media sources and/or Geo (countries).

Default status: Access to all media sources and countries (Geo).

To limit data access:


Custom media sources (SMS, email, TV, etc.) cannot be restricted.

  1. Go to Team members > Add member > Manage data permissions > Limit data access
  2. Set limitations:
    • Media sources: Mark Selected and select one or more media sources.
    • Organic: To permit access to organic data, select Organic from the list of media sources. 
    • Geo: Mark Selected and choose one or more countries.
  3. Click Save.

Feature description

The following table lists restrictions and exceptions. 

Limit access to...

Facebook, Google, Snapchat

When Geo (countries) are set, then these data points cannot be accessed: 

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Cost
Custom media sources
(SMS, email, TV, etc.)

Consider the following:

  • Feature doesn't support custom media sources, thus no restrictions can be applied.
  • Drop-down list of media sources reflects the integrated partners list (and not installs).
  • Team members with media sources and/or Geo access restrictions, can't access all platform screens.
Organic data

Access to organic data:

  • Disabled: Default
  • Enable: Admin must select Organic from the Media source drop-down list
Live alerts

Team members with media source- and/or Geo-access limitations still receive configured live alerts.

Example: Team member with full access to all media sources on all networks

  • Team member sets an alert for all networks.
  • At some point, the Admin limits access to a few specific media sources.
  • Original alert is still active and continues to issue alerts relating to all networks.
  • Team member still receives these alerts despite only having access to a few media sources. 

Solution: Admin can manually remove live alerts.

Attribution links

Unable to configure attribution links.

Available dashboards and data

Team members with restricted access can only access specific dashboards and data. 

Sources Details
Dashboards Overview

Raw data report

Admin must enable access to raw data

Performance report

  • Partners

  • Partners by date

  • Daily

  • GEO

  • GEO by date

Re-targeting report

  • Partners

  • Partners by date

  • Daily

  • GEO

  • GEO by date

App settings (read-only access)


Integrated partners


Backward compatibility

  1. Permission is granted to specific data.
  2. Team member can now access that specific data.

Note! The team member can only access specified data. This is the case, even if the date picker shows a time period when the user once had access to all data.


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