Team Member Restrictions - Media Source and GEO Permissions (Beta)

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  • Agencies


Team members can be granted permission to view data for specific media sources and GEOs.  With these permissions, certain restrictions are applied.  Set out below are the access and permissions available to team members.


The following access to dashboards and data is available:

  • Dashboards:

    • Overview

    • Retargeting

    • Events

  • Reports:

    • Performance:
      • Partners

      • Partners by date

      • Daily

      • GEO

      • GEO by date

    • Retargeting:
      • Partners

      • Partners by date

      • Daily

      • GEO

      • GEO by date

  • App Settings (read only)

Limitations and Clarifications

  1. Scheduled Reports and Live Alerts:
    Configured live alerts and scheduled reports continue to be sent even though the restricted team member no longer has access to specific Media Sources / GEOs.  For example, if a scheduled report was set for all networks, it continues to be sent even if the team member now has media source restrictions.  The Account admin can manually remove the scheduled reports and live alerts to prevent them from being sent.

  2. Facebook, Google and Snapchat: when adding the GEO filter to these Media Sources, the following data points are not included in the reports:

    • Clicks

    • Impressions

    • Cost

  3. Organic data: Access is not provided to the restricted users by default.
    To allow access to Organic data, the admin must select “Organic” in the Media Source filter.

  4. Custom media sources (such as “Email”) are not supported in this release.

  5. Agency traffic: Agencies listed in our Integrated Partners appear and can be selected by the admin as one of the media sources.

  6. Backward Compatibility:
    Once permission is granted, the team member is able to access only the data he has been granted access to (even if the date picker points to an earlier time frame when the user did have access to all data).

  7. As part of this release, restricted team members are unable to configure any tracking links.


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