Mobile web site attribution solutions

Why attribute web site visitors?

Many advertisers use their web sites to convert their mobile web site visitors into new mobile users. Often, these new users are relatively more engaged with the service and app.

It is recommended to attribute users to the "website" media source, and even to specific pages as the campaign names. This enables you to:

  • Segment a high quality users audience
  • Build more specific offerings to retarget your web site users, which are also your mobile users
  • Find your best and least converting pages
  • Use the audience as a benchmark for comparison with other media sources

There are several ways to perform this attribution: Smart Banners, custom attribution links and the Landing Page solution. This article compares them so you can pick the most suitable solution for your needs.

The solutions

Smart Banners
Add a simple web SDK into your web site, and create beautiful dynamic banners very easily on AppsFlyer's dashboard, to attribute your mobile web site visitors
Custom Attribution Links
Attribute your mobile web site visitors by presenting them with your own manual banners, which use OneLink URLs set up by you
Mobile Landing Page Solution
When newly-acquired users always go through your web site/landing page, this solution guarantees correct mobile attribution

Pick your solution

Smart banners vs. custom attribution links

Advertisers can always manually create banners and matching custom attribution links. However, with Smart Banners advertisers can create banners using an easy wizard in AppsFlyer's dashboard (no coding required), and place these banners in any page of their web site.

Changes in Smart Banners setup, for example, color or text, reflect immediately on all instances of the smart banners on the web sites. With custom attribution links these changes are manual.

Smart Banners vs. Landing Pages Attribution 

The mobile landing pages attribution solution, like custom attribution links, requires manual creation of the creatives and initial attribution links. However, it enables attributing new mobile leads coming to the web site by their original media source.

If your user acquisition strategy is getting paid traffic to your web site (or landing pages) first, instead of directly to the app stores, consider using this attribution solution.

Custom Attribution Links vs. Smart Banners vs. Landing Pages Attribution

The table below compares important factors of the 3 solutions. Check it out to find which method for attributing your website leads best suits your needs.

  Custom attribution links Smart banners Landing pages attribution
Banner creation Manual Using wizard Manual
Creative / Link update Manual update in all pages Once only using wizard Manual update in all pages
Attribution Single media source (e.g. "website") Single media source (e.g. "website") Per media source
Desktop Users Not handled Not handled Handled 
Change attribution link parameters Fast change in the dashboard Fast change in the dashboard Need to change your web site code
Availability Free Free Free
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