Postback retries

At a glance: Learn how postback retries work in AppsFlyer and how integrated partners can configure their postback mechanisms.


Postbacks to partners are a critical part of the integration between AppsFlyer and our partners. Since any system can experience momentary issues in its responsiveness, AppsFlyer is able to retry failed postbacks.

Important information

When does AppsFlyer retry a failed postback?

A postback is retried when the response indicates an error on the receiving server-side 5XX errors.

How often does AppsFlyer retry a failed postback?

The first failed postback is retried up to four additional times in 15-minute intervals. In total, a single postback can be sent up to five times.

Can retried postbacks be identified in postback reports?

The raw data Postback report: "Postback Retry". The first postback sent has a blank value in this column. Any retried postback contains the value TRUE in this column.

How can a partner identify the total eventual failed postbacks in the Postback report?

A postback that has four TRUE values listed in the "Postback Retry" column and also contains error codes in the Postback HTTP Response Code is a postback that has entirely failed to have been sent to the partner.

Is there anything special a partner should consider about retried postbacks?

If the postback has reached your system and has been processed successfully, but there was an error or delay in sending a response—this is considered a failed postback, and retries are sent after 15 minutes. This can cause duplication on the partner's end. The partner must implement a deduplication mechanism on their end.

Are postback retries automatically enabled for all partners?

No. If a partner wants to retry failed postbacks, they should reach out to their PDM to enable this feature.