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AppsFlyer's Postback Reports allow the advertisers to see the details of all the postbacks sent to the attributed media source/ad network.

These reports are offered for informational purposes and are not required for the integration.

However, advertisers can use Postback Reports to look up specific data sent to ad networks. For instance, if there is a dispute between you (as an advertiser) and an ad network, the reports can be used in the investigation.

If Postback Reports are included in your payment plan, you can find them on the Reports page:

  • Click on Export Data under Reports on the left-side menu.
  • Scroll down to Postback Reports.

postback reports

Postback Report Types

AppsFlyer offers the following postback reports:

  • Install Postbacks Report provides raw data of non-organic installs attributed to the specific network only.


    Installs that are not included in this report:

  • In-App Event Postbacks Report provides raw data of in-app events only from non-organic installs.
  • Retargeting Conversion Postbacks Report provides raw data of non-organic re-engagement and re-attribution conversions.
  • Retargeting In-App Events Postbacks Report provides raw data of in-app events generated from non-organic retargeting conversions.

Specific Postback Report Columns

In addition to the data included in all our raw data reports, Postback Reports have the following columns:

  • Postback URL
    • Some values (e.g. Revenue) may not appear in the relevant column, but you can still see this data in the Postback URL column.
  • Postback Method
  • Postback HTTP Response Code
    • Response "200" only means that the postback has been received by the ad network.
  • Postback Error Message.
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