Granting admin capabilities to team members


Account admins have a set of capabilities that they can give to team members. Giving team members admin capabilities can help reduce the workload and improve your team's workflow:

The following are the admin only capabilities that you can grant to other team members:

  • Add/remove an app from the account
  • Add/edit team members
  • Configure functionalities in App Settings: Loyal User event, Timezone settings, IP Masking, Enabling Retargeting, and Uninstall Measurement
  • Access the payments page

Granting admin capabilities to team members


Only the Admin of the account can grant admin capabilities to team members.

Team members with admin capabilities cannot grant them to other team members.


Carla, the admin of the account, grants David the ability to create additional team members (admin capability).

David can create additional team members, but he cannot grant the team members he created the ability to create additional team members since he is not an admin.

To grant other team members admin capabilities:

  1. Click your login name at the top right-hand side of your dashboard homepage.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Team Members.
  3. Select the team member to whom you want to grant admin capabilities.
  4. Switch on the capabilities you want to grant.


Capability details

The following are details of admin capabilities available to team members:

Add and remove an app from the account

When a team member receives permission to add and remove an app, the newly added or removed app is automatically assigned or removed from the following:

  • The admin of the account
  • Any team member that is granted App Permissions to all apps

Click here, for more details on adding an app to the AppsFlyer dashboard.

Add and edit a team member

Once a team member is provided with the capability to add and edit a new team member, they can do the following:

  • Create and edit other team members
  • Assign and remove apps to other team members (only the apps available to the team member with this capability, as set by the Admin)
  • Grant Media Source and Geo Permissions to other team members (only those available to the team member with this capability, as set by the Admin)

Edit app settings page

The capability Edit App Settings Page allows team members to configure all functionalities in the App Settings page of apps that are assigned to them.

Access the payments page

Team members with Access the Payments page capability can access AppsFlyer's Payments Page.


When creating new team members, all admin capabilities are set to Off by default.

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