SearchAdsHQ (by SplitMetrics) setup

Advertisers and agencies can work with Apple Search Ads Marketing Partners such as SearchAdsHQ by SplitMetrics to report and optimize campaigns on Apple Search Ads. When configured, AppsFlyer sends postbacks to the configured marketing partner.

Enabling Apple Search Ads attribution

To start working with SearchAdsHQ, you should first enable attribution for Apple Search Ads.

Setting up SearchAdsHQ on AppsFlyer

Getting required information from SearchAdsHQ

Before you start configuring SearchAdsHQ on AppsFlyer, obtain your client_id and your Apple Search Ads campaign group.

  • For client_id, go to your SearchAdsHQ dashboard, click Integrations > AppsFlyer. In the popup that opens, copy the ID:
  • Your Apple Search Ads campaign group is the Campaign Group name in your Apple Search Ads account OR your Ad Account on SearchAdsHQ:

Setting up campaign on AppsFlyer

Once you have both parameters, do the following:

  1. On AppsFlyer, click Integrated Partners on the left sidebar.


  2. Enter "Splitmetrics" or "SearchAdsHQ" in the search box.


  3. Click the SearchAdsHQ logo.
  4. Inside the integration screen, activate the partner on the first visit, to enable its setup. 
  5. Enter your SearchAdsHQ client_id
  6. Enter the name of the Apple Search Ads campaign group (or a list of comma-separated names).


Configuring in-app event postbacks

To configure postback that should be sent to SearchAdsHQ upon in-app events,

  1. Enter the client_id
  2. Toggle In-App Event Postbacks to ON
  3. Click Add Event to add an SDK Event to the list
  4. Complete the following parameters:
    Parameter Name Description
    SDK Event Name The name of the event, as received by AppsFlyer either from the SDK integrated in your app, or from server to server events.
    Tip - If you don't see the event you want in the list, make sure to activate the event on a device with a non-organic installation and recheck.
    Send Revenue When unchecked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters of the rich in-app event to the partner, except for the revenue parameter, which is contained in the af_revenue parameter.
    When checked - AppsFlyer sends all the parameters including the revenue value (if it exists in the event).
  5. Click Save

 Important Note

If the advertiser or the agency has disabled attribution for Apple Search Ads, attribution for this app, including sending the postbacks to Apple Search Ads Marketing Partner campaigns, will not work.

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