People-based attribution overview


Many advertisers measure campaign performance separately for mobile app and web campaigns. People-based attribution (PBA), however, puts together data from both web and mobile app campaigns. The consolidated data helps you analyze user journeys across platforms and user transition from web to mobile apps.

Below we list all aspects of PBA in the order that they need to be addressed and set up. Go through the list and read the article linked in each section to learn how to make the best of PBA.

Brand bundles

Brand bundles is your way to bundle together applications of the same brand i.e. Android app, iOS app, and website. By creating a bundle, you enable AppsFlyer to collect, consolidate, and analyze data related to installs, conversions, revenue and overall user activity in the bundled apps.

To learn more, see our guide on Brand bundles


Once you create a brand bundle, you are ready to add the Web SDK to your website. The web SDK allows AppsFlyer to record data from campaigns and user activity on your website. This data is then consolidated with mobile data which gives you the holistic view of marketing performance across your brand.

To learn more, see our guide on adding the web SDK to your website.

People-based analytics

Once the SDK is added to your website, it starts to collect data about campaigns and user activity. This data can then be viewed and analyzed using the people-based analysis tool.

People-based analysis offers a complete picture of user acquisition and conversion flows across platforms, devices, and marketing channels. The people-based analysis page includes a table with all data collected about campaigns and conversions. It allows you to focus on specific metrics and filter or group data according to location, device type, media sources, campaigns, and more.

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Web-to-app analytics 

Web-to-app is part of People-based analytics and analyzes how web traffic contributes to app installs. If one of your marketing goals is to convert users from web to app, web-to-app analysis helps you analyze conversion rates and media source contribution. 

This type of analysis helps you understand where potential app users are coming from. Moreover, it can help you analyze web campaign results to know where resources should be invested in order to grow your mobile user base.

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PBA raw data

Once you have everything in place and data is streaming into your dashboard, you can start analyzing raw data for even more in-depth insights. All data regarding website visits and user activity is logged in raw data reports. You can use them with your favorite BI tools in order to gain more insights. You can also merge them with raw data reports for mobile apps.

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How does people-based attribution work, what are the key tactics and use cases for it and what are the implications of GDPR and CCPA on it? Read here.

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