Using AppsFlyer with TWA

At a glance: Use AppsFlyer with Trusted Web Activities (TWA) to measure installs and record in-app events.

What are Trusted Web Activities?

Trusted web activities (TWA) are a new way to integrate web content with your Android app. The challenge with TWA is to be able to record in-app events. This challenge is addressed in this article. For more information about TWA, see here.

TWA can also be used with Progressive Web Apps.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are apps that deliver app-like experience but are actually completely web-based. One form of PWA is an Android app whose activities are TWA-based. This is the form of PWA that is discussed in this article. TWA enables you to embed your PWA inside a standalone android application, effectively allowing you to feature your existing PWA application on Play Store.

The other form, one that is purely web-based, is not discussed in this article. For more information about PWA, see here.

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