Using AppsFlyer with TWA and PWA

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This article discusses how to use AppsFlyer with Trusted Web Activities (TWA) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to measure installs and record in-app events.

What are Trusted Web Activities?

Trusted web activities (TWA) are a new way to integrate web content with your Android app. The challenge with TWA is to be able to record in-app events. This challenge is addressed in this article. For more information about TWA, see here.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are apps that deliver app-like experience but are actually completely web-based. One form of PWA is an Android app whose activities are TWA-based. This is the form of PWA that is discussed in this article. The other form, one that is purely web-based, is not discussed in this article. For more information about PWA, see here.

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