Bulletin: Improved data freshness in the Activity dashboard

App activity data freshness displays in real-time.

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November 13, 2019
  • App owners
  • Agencies

Activity dashboard data freshness

What's changing

Data freshness in the Activity dashboard.

Before the change

Data freshness: Daily

After this change

The data freshness is now as follows:

  • Metrics: Real-time
  • Average KPIs: Daily. The calculation is performed shortly after midnight using the app-specific time zone. 
    • These KPIs are not calculated in real-time to avoid distorting the average with data from incomplete days. 
    • If the date range is only for the current day: the average results do not display.
    • If the date range is for any other period including the current day: the average is displayed without using data from the current day. 

The figure that follows indicates the daily and real-time fields.


Activity dashboard data freshness after the change
KPI type KPI Real-time
Metric Impressions Real-time
Metric Clicks Real-time
Metric Installs Real-time
Metric Sessions Real-time
Metric Conversion rate Real-time
Metric Cost Real-time
Metric Activity revenue Real-time 
Average eCPI Daily
Average DAU Daily
Average MAU Daily
Average DAU/MAU rate Daily
Average ARPDAU Daily 


The charts below display as follows:
  • MAU: no data is displayed for the current day
  • DAU: displays real-time data
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