Campaigns with changed names in the Overview dashboard (beta)

  • What's changing: Presentation of KPI performance data at the campaign level
  • Where is it changing: Overview dashboard 
  • Publication date: December 3, 2019
  • Who is impacted: App owners, Agencies

Before the change

Performance KPIs are calculated using the campaign name as the key. Altering (changing) campaign names results in the performance KPIs displaying under multiple campaigns.

 Example: Before the change


After the change

Performance KPIs are calculated using the campaign ID as the key.

Scenario A: Single campaign ID associated with multiple campaign names

After altering (changing) campaign performance KPIs display under a single campaign name. The name of the campaign is the name most recently reported.

 Example: After the change


Scenario B: Multiple campaign IDs associated the same campaign name

If you use the same campaign name, with multiple campaign IDs, then the campaign name displays in the dashboard multiple times.

This can give the impression of duplicate data. This is not the case. To avoid this, assign campaign IDs unique campaign names.

 Example: After the change


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