Bulletin: Deleting integrated partner cost account tokens in AppsFlyer.

  • What's changing: Ability to delete connected accounts in the Cost tab. (Integrated partners implementing OAUTH)
  • Where's it changing: Integrated partners Cost tab
  • Which integrated partners are impacted:
    • Facebook
    • Google 
    • MyTarget (Mail.ru)
    • Pinterest
    • Snapchat
    • TikToK Ads
    • Verizon Media (Yahoo Gemini/Oath)
  • Publication date: February 16, 2020

Before the change

The deletion of an integrated partner account connection in AppsFlyer was performed by AppsFlyer support. 

After the change

  • You can delete connections (connected accounts) from the app yourself. Once deleted, AppsFlyer stops pulling cost data from the partner immediately.
  • The deletion of the connection doesn't impact historical data.
  • Team members can delete connections. 

To delete a connected account:

  1. In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > Integrated Partners.
  2. Select the integrated partner, for example, Facebook.
  3. Go to the Cost tab.
    The list of connected accounts displays.
  4. In the actions column, hover over an account.
    The Delete connection option displays.


  5. Click Delete connection.
    A confirmation message displays.


  6. Click Delete.
    The account connection is deleted. 
    The collection of cost data for the previously connected account stops immediately. There is no impact to historical data. 

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