Bulletin: Push API V1.0 is being removed on June 30, 2021

Final removal Push API V1.0

In 2020 we deprecated and sunset Push API V1.0 but have not yet removed it from the platform.

Push API will stop sending messages on June 30, 2021, and will be removed from the platform. 

Action required:

  • You must migrate your existing configuration to Push API V2.0 before the removal date.
  • If you no longer consume the currently configured V1.0 messages, please delete the integration. 

If you have any further questions reach out to your CSM or contact AppsFlyer technical support. support@AppsFlyer.com

Migration guide Push API V1.0 to V2.0

This section is for app owner BI/IT engineers responsible for migrating Push API V1.0 to Push API 2.0.

In planning the migration from V1.0 to V2.0 take into consideration, the field changes detailed in this section. 

What's changed 

Field level changes, detailed in the tables that follow:

  • Removed fields: fields that are replaced by AppsFlyer raw data fields
  • Renamed fields: field names are now aligned with AppsFlyer raw data names
  • Additional (new) fields: fields that were not available in V1.0. You can select which fields are sent in messages.
  • Unique fields to Push API: found only in Push API

Endpoints are unchanged:

  • The change to API V2.0 relates to fields only, meaning that the API JSON/query parameters are unchanged
  • There is no change to the Push API interface mechanism or endpoints

Future field additions:

  • I field additions in Appsflyer will be made available rapidly in Push API 2.0. Push API V1.0 is deprecated and will be sunset on August 31, 2020. 
  • This will not result in a change to the API version number
  • Ensure that your parsing/import mechanisms accommodate additional fields with ease

Set up Push API V2.0 endpoint

  • You can set up additional Push API endpoints for developing and testing purposes. This can be done without impacting the current Push API V1.0 settings. Meaning that the Push API V1.0 messages are sent in parallel to messages that are sent by Push API V2.0. When you complete the testing and development cycle, delete/migrate the Push API V1.0 endpoints.

Push API Field tables

Fields removed from Push API V1.0

Fields removed from Push API V1.0


Removed field


Replacement field

fb_adgroup_name af_ad  
fb_adgroup_id af_ad_id  
fb_adset_name af_adset  
fb_adset_id af_adset_id  
fb_campaign_id af_c_id  
fb_campaign_name campaign  
event_type event_name

Can be one of the following: 

  • install
  • re-engagement
  • re-attribution 
  • in-app-event-name
attribution_type media_source

In V1.0 the attribution_type field had a value of organic or regular.

Use the media_source field to derive the type of attribution as follows:

  • If media_source=organic this means its an organic install
  • If media source is not equal to organic it is equivalent to attribution_type= regular and the value is the name of the media source. This also means that the attribution is non-organic.
click_time attributed_touch_time  
cost_per_install af_cost_value  

device_brand (Android only)


Device_type contains both brand and model

device_model (Android only) device_type

Device_type contains both brand and model

Renamed fields

Renamed fields

V1.0 name

V2.0 name 

agency af_prt
af_click_lookback af_attribution_lookback
re_targeting_conversion_type retargeting_conversion_type
appsflyer_device_id appsflyer_id
currency af_cost_currency
click_time_selected_timezone attributed_touch_time_selected_timezone
click_url original_url
download_time device_download_time

Fields added to Push API V2.0

Additional fields
Display name V2.0 name Description
Amazon Fire ID amazon_aid Amazon Fire TV advertising ID
Contributor 1 Campaign contributor_1_campaign Campaign of the contributor
Contributor 1 Match Type contributor_1_match_type Possible values include:
gp_referrer, id_matching, SRN, download_time
Contributor 1 Media Source contributor_1_media_source Media Source of the contributor
Contributor 1 Partner contributor_1_af_prt Agency or PMD: always converted to lowercase
Contributor 1 Touch Time contributor_1_touch_time Time of the touch
Contributor 1 Touch Type contributor_1_touch_type Type of the touch
click, impression, TV
Contributor 2 Campaign contributor_2_campaign Campaign of the contributor
Contributor 2 Match Type contributor_2_match_type Possible values include:
Contributor 2 Media Source contributor_2_media_source Media Source of the contributor
Contributor 2 Partner contributor_2_af_prt Agency or PMD
Contributor 2 Touch Time contributor_2_touch_time Time of the touch
Contributor 2 Touch Type contributor_2_touch_type Type of the touch
(could be click/impression/TV)
Contributor 3 Campaign contributor_3_campaign Campaign of the contributor
Contributor 3 Match Type contributor_3_match_type Possible values include:
Contributor 3 Media Source contributor_3_media_source Media source of the contributor
Contributor 3 Partner contributor_3_af_prt Agency or PMD
Contributor 3 Touch Time contributor_3_touch_time Time of the touch
Contributor 3 Touch Type contributor_3_touch_type Type of the touch
(could be click / impression / TV)
Custom Data custom_data Data that is sent using the SDK See Android and iOS SDK guides
Device Category device_category Possible values include: phone, tablet, other
Compatible with Android SDK V4.8.8 and later
DMA dma Designated Market Area - regions are the geographic areas in the US where local television viewing is measured by the Nielsen company.
Event Revenue USD event_revenue_usd The amount of revenue in USD or in preferred currency, configurable under App Settings.
Event Revenue event_revenue Amount of revenue using the Event Revenue Currency
Event Revenue Currency event_revenue_currency The event revenue currency as reported to the SDK
Event Source event_source The source of the event - either SDK or S2S
Google Play Click Time gp_click_time Time of app page load in Google Play after an ad click.
Time source: Google API
Available from Android SDK version 4.8.5
Use case example: By comparing install_time to gp_click_time you can gain an insight as to how long it takes users from the time they begin to download the app until they open the app.
Google Play Install Begin Time gp_install_begin Time that installation begins
Time source: User device. Meaning the time that displays on the device.
Available from Android SDK version 4.8.5
Google Play Referrer gp_referrer The referrer URL of the installed package.
Available from Android SDK version 4.8.5
GP Broadcast Referrer gp_broadcast_referrer Google Play Broadcast Referrer
Install App Store install_app_store Identifies the Android store where the app was downloaded from (details)
Is Primary Attribution is_primary_attribution During a re-engagement window, we can attribute to either the original media source (prior to the re-engagement) or to the re-engagement media source. While the event is within the re-engagement window, the original media source will not be the primary attribution. Outside of the re-engagement window, it will be the primary attribution.
Is Receipt Validated is_receipt_validated true/false/null when implemented in the SDK, empty otherwise
Keyword Match Type keyword_match_type The keyword match type returns by search networks APIs or attribution links shall be mapped to the raw report. Note: Google AdWords and Apple Search Ads are the only networks that return this parameter for search campaigns.
Match Type match_type Attribution method type. Possible values include:
gp_referrer (Google Play referrer string)
srn (Self-Reporting Network)
tv (TV attribution)
Network Account ID network_account_id Advertiser's account ID with the partner
Postal Code postal_code Based on IP of the SDK
Reengagement Window af_reengagement_window The re-engagement attribution window is the time period during which an event can be attributed to a retargeting campaign
Limitation: The field is not populated in retargeting campaigns.
Region region Based on IP from the SDK
State state Based on IP from the SDK
Sub Site ID af_sub_siteid Sub-publisher ID
User Agent user_agent The user agent for the URL

Unique Push API fields

Fields unique to Push API V2.0 (relative to other data delivery tools)
Display name V2.0 name Remarks 
Selected currency selected_currency  
Revenue in selected currency revenue_in_selected_
Cost in Selected Currency cost_in_selected_
Device Download Time Selected Timezone device_download_time_selected_
Attributed Touch Time Selected Timezone attributed_touch_time_
Install Time Selected Timezone install_time_selected_
Event Time Selected Timezone event_time_selected_
Selected Timezone selected_timezone  
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