Trackier integration with AppsFlyer

At a glance: Ad networks that use Trackier can receive attribution data from AppsFlyer about installs and in-app events. 

To begin integration, provide AppsFlyer with both the attribution link URL and the postback URL. The URLs are needed for reporting purposes. This article explains how to build these URLs.

Attribution link URL

This section provides the base attribution link and related parameter descriptions.

Base attribution link URL{click_id}&af_siteid={publishedr_id}
AppsFlyer base URL Definition Description

Base URL

AppsFlyer endpoint


Application ID

Dynamic value that differs for each app


Media source name

_int identifies an integrated network


Campaign name

 Name given by the advertiser

Attribution link parameters


The attribution links in the following table are mandatory

See complete parameter lists for:

AppsFlyer parameter Trackier macro Description



Request the ID for each user session



ID of the affiliate promoting an offer



Offer ID

Postback URLs for install and in-app events

This section provides examples of postback URLs and parameters for install and in-app events. 

iOS postback URLs

Global install postback{clickid}&security_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&idfa={idfa}

Global in-app event postback{clickid}&security_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&idfa={idfa}&goal_value={event-name}

Android postback URLs

Global install postback{clickid}&security_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gaid={android_id}

Global in-app event postback{click_id}&security_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gaid={android_id}&goal_value={event-name}

Postback parameters 

AppsFlyer Base URL Description
  • Network ID (domain) name
  • Provided by Trackier
  • In-app event name
  • Defined by the advertiser
security_token Provided by Trackier
Country code, advertising ID, IDFA, etc.

[Optional] Attribution information that can be added to a postback

Finalizing your registration

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