Ad network integration guide and testing

This article is intended for Ad Networks that want to integrate with the AppsFlyer Probabilistic modeling solution and become an AppsFlyer's integrated partner.

Successfully integrating with AppsFlyer means that:

  • Mobile attribution integration between the ad network and the app owner can be completed flawlessly in a few minutes, rather than weeks.
  • Ad networks gain access to their attributed data in realtime.

What this guide covers

This guide discusses how to setup and test your attribution integration with AppsFlyer and with advertisers:

  1. Ad Network Integration Setup Steps
  2. Ad Network Integration Testing - test your general integration with AppsFlyer
  3. Advertiser Integration Testing - test a specific advertiser's campaign configuration with your ad network
  4. FAQs and Troubleshooting

Performance marketing platforms

Click on marketing platform link for detailed information on how to integrate with AppsFlyer:

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