About the Restricted Media Source

At a glance: User-level data are attributed to the Restricted Media Source when the ad network, in some conversion scenarios, restricts user-level data sharing. Aggregate and analytic reports are not impacted by the restricted media source.


What is the Restricted Media Source?

  • The Restricted Media Source displays if your app receives traffic from ad networks that restrict the sharing of user-level data in some conversion scenarios.
  • Restricted conversions are attributed to the Restricted Media Source, and not to the originating ad network.
  • More implications detailed below.


Facebook restricts the sharing of user-level data. This occurs when a user is converted by View-through attribution (VTA). A VTA conversion is an ad impression without a click, followed by a conversion.

Implications of restricted conversions

What happens with the data of restricted conversions, meaning installs and reinstalls?

Raw data

  • Media source appears as restricted in raw data reports. 
  • Raw attribution fields are empty or null. See the list of raw-data parameters.
  • Restricted user data doesn’t have attribution data, but contains the device ID enabling advertisers to segment the devices for retargeting campaigns. For example, when implementing Audiences.
  • Example: Installs restricted raw data in a CSV file. Other raw data reports are populated in a similar manner. 


In the Raw data installs report, a restricted conversion provided by Facebook Ads is attributed to the restricted media source.

Aggregate reports 

  • Aggregate data in reports, dashboards, and analytic tools like Cohort are not impacted by the restricted media source. The data is attributed precisely.
  • In-app events performed by restricted users are attributed correctly in AppsFlyer aggregate data.


In the AppsFlyer Overview dashboard, a restricted install provided by Facebook is attributed to Facebook Ads. This includes the ad, ad group, and campaign names the user engaged with on Facebook.


Postbacks of restricted conversions and in-app events are only sent to the ad network producing them, and not to other partners of any type.


Restricted conversions have aggregate assists data, but no raw assists data

  • A user sees an ad on IronSource, then on Facebook Ads, and then installs. 
  • The install is attributed as restricted. 
  • IronSource doesn’t appear in the contributor raw data, but it does appear on the Overview dashboard > Additional insights > Assisted installs graph.

Restricted engagements don't appear as assists

  • A user sees an ad on Facebook Ads, then clicks on an ad in AppLovin and installs. 
  • The install is attributed to AppLovin.
  • Neither Facebook Ads nor restricted media sources appear in the raw or aggregate contributor data related to the install.

Restricted raw data parameters

List of raw data report fields, which are empty for records of Restricted users
API parameter name Field name
attributed_touch_type Attributed Touch Type
attributed_touch_time Attributed Touch Time
attributed_touch_time_selected_timezone Attributed Touch Time Selected Timezone
af_prt Partner
af_channel Channel
af_keywords Keywords
keyword_id Keyword ID
keyword_match_type Keywords Match Type
campaign Campaign
af_c_id Campaign ID
af_adset Adset
af_adset_id Adset ID
af_ad Ad
af_ad_id Ad ID
af_ad_type Ad Type
af_siteid Site ID
af_sub_siteid Sub Site ID
af_sub1 Sub Param 1
af_sub2 Sub Param 2
af_sub3 Sub Param 3
af_sub4 Sub Param 4
af_sub5 Sub Param 5
af_cost_model Cost Model
af_cost_value Cost Value
af_cost_currency* Cost Currency
cost_in_selected_currency Cost In Selected Currency
contributor_1_af_prt Contributor 1 Partner
contributor_1_media_source Contributor 1 Media Source
contributor_1_campaign Contributor 1 Campaign
contributor_1_touch_type Contributor 1 Touch Type
contributor_1_touch_time Contributor 1 Touch Time
contributor_2_af_prt Contributor 2 Partner
contributor_2_media_source Contributor 2 Media Source
contributor_2_campaign Contributor 2 Campaign
contributor_2_touch_type Contributor 2 Touch Type
contributor_2_touch_time Contributor 2 Touch Time
contributor_3_af_prt Contributor 3 Partner
contributor_3_media_source Contributor 3 Media Source
contributor_3_campaign Contributor 3 Campaign
contributor_3_touch_type Contributor 3 Touch Type
contributor_3_touch_time Contributor 3 Touch Time
retargeting_conversion_type Retargeting Conversion Type
af_attribution_lookback Attribution Lookback
af_reengagement_window Reengagement Window
http_referrer HTTP Referrer
original_url Original URL
deeplink_url Deeplink URL
install_app_store Install App Store
match_type Match Type
contributor_1_match_type Contributor 1 Match Type
contributor_2_match_type Contributor 2 Match Type
contributor_3_match_type Contributor 3 Match Type
network_account_id Network Account ID
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