Bulletin: Protect360 dashboard KPIs now available by Master API

  • What's changing: Protect360 KPIs
  • Where is it changing: Master API
  • Publication date: March 26, 2020

Before the change 

Protect360 KPIs available via Master API were not aligned with those available in the dashboard.

After the change

  • Protect360 dashboard KPIs are available in Master API
  • Master API deprecated KPIs:
    • continue to be available. The sunset date is still to be announced. 
    • are listed in the section that follows. 

Protect360 deprecated Master API KPIs

Deprecated KPI Description Replaced by
blocked_installs_validation Blocked Installs Validation blocked_installs_install_validation
blocked_installs_hijacking Blocked Installs Hijacking blocked_installs_install_hijacking
install_fraud_new_devices_installs New Devices Installs install_fraud_new_devices_total
install_fraud_new_devices_installs_rate New Devices Installs Rate install_fraud_new_devices_
install_fraud_new_devices_loyal_user_rate New Devices Loyal User Rate install_fraud_new_devices
install_fraud_lat_devices_installs LAT Devices Installs install_fraud_lat_devices_total
install_fraud_lat_devices_install_rate LAT Devices Install Rate install_fraud_lat_devices
install_fraud_lat_devices_loyal_user_rate LAT Devices Loyal User Rate install_fraud_lat_devices_
install_fraud_suspicious_devices_installs Suspicious Devices Installs  
install_fraud_suspicious_devices_install_rate Suspicious Devices Install Rate  
install_fraud_suspicious_devices_loyal_user_rate Suspicious Devices Loyal User Rate  
install_fraud_clean_device_installs Clean Device Installs  
install_fraud_clean_device_install_rate Clean Device Install Rate  
install_fraud_clean_device_loyal_user_rate Clean Device Loyal User Rate  
click_flood_under_5_min_rate Click Flood - CTIT Under 5 Minutes Rate  
click_flood_from_5_to_60_min_rate Click Flood - CTIT Over 5 Under 60 Minutes Rate  
click_flood_over_60_min_rate Click Flood - CTIT Over 60 Minutes Rate  
contribution_rate Contribution Rate  
install_hijacking_up_to_10_sec_rate Install Hijacking - CTIT up to 10 Seconds Rate  
install_hijacking_10_to_30_sec_rate Install Hijacking - CTIT 10 to 30 Seconds Rate  
install_hijacking_over_30_sec_rate Install Hijacking - CTIT Over 30 Seconds Rate  
blocked_installs_device_rank Blocked Installs Device Rank  


Deprecated on March 25, 2020.

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