Bulletin: View-through attribution KPIs via Pull API

  • What's changing:  Availability of view-through attribution (VTA) KPIs via Pull API aggregate reports
  • Where is it changing: Pull API
  • Publication date: April 5, 2020


What is view-through attribution

  • Installs by a user who viewed a mobile ad but did not click on it. The install is attributed to the ad network serving the ad. 
  • VTA is particularly common for video ads, which often have low CTRs. 


Before the change


  • VTA KPIs were available in the Overview dashboard and via Master API.
  • They were not available via Pull API.


After the change

  • VTA KPIs are available via Pull API in aggregate attribution reports. Availability in the Dashboard and Master API is unchanged.
  • To get the VTA, KPIs add the parameter attribution_touch_type=impression to the Pull API URI as detailed in the example.
  • Some VTA KPIs, like clicks, impressions, and cost APIs, don't have values associated with them and display the value N/A instead. 

Example Pull API URI with attribution_touch_type parameter

https://hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/partners_report/v5?api_token={API token}&from=yyyy-mm-dd&to=yyyy-mm-dd&attribution_touch_type=impression


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