Unity plugin V5 integration guide for developers

At a glance: The AppsFlyer Unity plugin enables app attribution and reporting for mobile apps developed on the Unity development platform. The plugin supports Android and iOS apps and is based on AppsFlyer SDK for mobile.


Unity plugin V5 

  • Unity real-time development platform enables the creation of mobile apps
  • The AppsFlyer Unity plugin V5:
    • Supports iOS and Android apps. 
    • Is based on AppFlyer mobile SDK V5.
    • Enables complete install and event attribution reporting

Selecting the Unity plugin version.

Select a Unity plugin based on the app lifecycle.

Current unity plugin version App lifecycle Recommended Unity plugin 
-- New app  V5 or later
4.16.4 or later Existing app Continue using current Unity plugin version
Prior to 4.16.4 (deprecated) Existing app with deprecated plugin Migrate to V5 or later


There are breaking changes when migrating to Unity V5 from an older version, including new API, different class and package names, and the removal of com.appsflyer.GetDeepLinkingActivity.

More information about changes during Unity V5 migration

About Unity plugin V5  

  • Is fully open-source and available on GitHub.
  • Uses the unity-jar-resolver to solve merge conflicts.
  • Has option method swizzling in iOS.
  • Supports AppsFlyer native SDK APIs.
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