Unity plugin V5 integration guide for developers

At a glance: The AppsFlyer Unity plugin provides app attribution and event reporting functionality to Android and iOS mobile apps developed on the Unity development platform. The plugin is functionally equivalent to the AppsFlyer iOS and Android SDKs.


 Unity V6 beta plugin for iOS 14

A Unity plugin V6 beta is available, allowing app owners and developers to prepare for the major Apple iOS 14 release, in which app users need to opt-in for IDFA collection. The beta also includes significant API method changes from previous versions.

The beta plugin is open-source and available on GitHub. 

To update your plugin from an earlier (V5) version, see our guide on migrating to the V6 beta (requires updating the Unity package).

Unity plugin V5

The Unity plugin V5 enables the development of iOS and Android apps using the Unity real-time platform. Based on the AppsFlyer mobile SDK V5, it implements the same methods and supports the equivalent functionality of the platform-specific (iOS and Android) SDKs. The plugin is open-source and available on GitHub. In this article, the terms plugin and SDK are used interchangeably. 


Migrating to Unity V5  from a previous version causes breaking changes. These changes include new APIs, different classes and package names, and the removal of: com.appsflyer.GetDeepLinkingActivity

1. Overview—Unity V5

Mobile apps developed on the Unity platform use a common AppsFlyer plugin for both the Android and iOS platforms.

1.1 Plugin integration overview

Tab Content Result

[Mandatory] Integration

Add and configure the plugin

App dashboard shows:

  • New organic install
  • New non-organic install

Core APIs

Use the plugin core APIs to:

  • Measure in-app events
  • Measure revenue
  • Perform deep linking
  • Gather conversion data

App dashboard shows:

  • In-app events
  • Revenue

Ready to:

  • Perform deep linking

Additional APIs

Implement and use optional APIs for:

  • Uninstall measurements
  • Referrals (user invite attribution)
  • Push notifications

Ready to:

  • Measure uninstalls
  • Referrals
  • User engagements with push notifications
  • Handle user privacy scenarios and more.

API reference

Quick SDK API reference for developers
Action list to integrate the Unity plugin into your apps

1.2 Plugin compatibility

The plugin doesn't support Unity Internal Build System.

AppsFlyer plugin supports:

  • Integration with Unity V5 and later.
  • Google Play Install Referrer API:
    • Starting from Unity plugin V4.16.0.
    • To use the Referrer API, update the plugin to V4.16.0 or later.
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