Facebook AMM terms from April 22, 2020

At a glance: What does Facebook Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) ToS mean for advertisers?

On April 22, 2020, Facebook has updated its Advanced Mobile Measurement (AMM) Terms of Service with advertisers including:

  • Changes to the event level sharing policy regarding non-aggregate view-through conversion data.
  • A requirement that advertisers sign the AMM on a per-app basis in order to access user-level raw data.

 Caution - your action is required

You need to sign the revised AMM on a per-app basis. If you don't do so:

  • Conversion postbacks aren't sent to FMPs.
  • Events are no longer sent by Push API. 
  • You can't export Facebook raw data using other data tools like Pull API, Data Locker, etc.

After having signed the revised AMM the following apply: 

  • View-through conversions are attributed to the restricted media source. Postbacks are only sent to Facebook Ads, and not to other partners of any type. 
  • Click-through conversion continues unchanged meaning: 
    • Postbacks are sent to FMPs.
    • Advertisers can get click-through raw data.


Why did Facebook make these changes?

Facebook is introducing these enhanced data privacy measures to protect people using their services. This is a Facebook initiative that affects all MMPs.

What should advertisers do?

Advertisers working with Facebook must accept the updated AMM terms in their Facebook account by April 22, 2020. 

What happens to advertisers that don't accept the updated AMM terms?

Advertisers that do not sign the new AMM terms with Facebook lose access to all Facebook raw data, including click-through conversions. Also, FMPs can't get postbacks from clients' apps until the terms are accepted.

After signing the AMM how do I check that the raw data is available?

This procedure is for advertisers having raw data as part of their account plan.

After signing the AMM you can check to see that raw data is available as follows:

  1. In the overview dashboard, set the date to the current date (today) and set the media source filter to Facebook.
  2. Ensure that you have installs attributed to Facebook for the selected date. If not select a different date. 
  3. In the Export Data page, select the Installs raw data report. Set the date to the date you used in the Overview dashboard and set the media source filter to Facebook.
  4. Download the report.
    The report contains installs from Facebook. The number of installs in the dashboard and report may differ:
    • Both the dashboard and report update in real-time so they are constantly changing. 
    • View-through attributions aren't included in the raw data report 

Can advertisers still get device-level data for view-through conversions?

AppsFlyer (and other MMPs) are allowed to provide view-through data as part of an obfuscated media source named restricted, in raw data reporting, separate from the Facebook media source data as such:

  • Aggregate data: View-through conversions are attributed to Facebook with no change.
  • Raw data of any type including Push API and conversion data within the SDK (GCD): Appear attributed to the restricted media source, with no additional attribution data. This enables using device-level data for building targeted audiences without harming the extended user-privacy.

Which AppsFlyer reports are affected by Facebook's update?

  • The click-through installs data from Facebook is not affected.
  • Raw data, postbacks, and assists information of view-through installs from Facebook is affected.

Are other MMPs affected too?

Yes, this Facebook update affects all MMPs, including AppsFlyer.

Did Facebook inform advertisers of the update?

Yes. During Q1 2020, Facebook informed all mobile advertisers that were affected by the change.

Oops. I forgot to sign the AMM terms. Is my data lost?

Don't worry. Your retroactive user-level Facebook data is made available after you sign the terms. Get the data via the Export Data page or Pull API raw data (previous 60 or 90 days depending on your subscription.) Data already in Data Locker isn't updated retroactively. 

What if I have more questions?

That's good. It means that you care about your work :-)

Check out the restricted media source article, which probably answers any other questions you may have regarding the Facebook update.

If you still have open unanswered questions, contact your CSM or write to hello@appsflyer.com.

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