Bulletin: GDPR API request failure messages

  • What's changing: Availability of GDPR API request failure messages
  • Where is it changing: GDPR API
  • Publication date: April 27, 2020

Before the change

GDPR API HTTP error 400 returns containing a generic error message with no details as to the specific reason for a GDPR request failure. 

After the change

Return code 400, bad request, contains a JSON with the error code and detailed description as to the reason the request failed

{ "error": { "Code":400, "af_gdpr_code": "%AF error code%", "message":"%error message text%" } }

Error code

Error description (message)

e111 Rate limit exceeded
e211 Unable to cancel request with invalid status
e311 Invalid request content-type
e312 Invalid API version
e313 Invalid subject_request_id
e314 Invalid submitted_time format
e315 Invalid status_callback_url length
e316 Invalid status_callback_url format
e317 Invalid app_id format
e318 Invalid identity_type
e319 Application platform does not match identity types
e320 Invalid identity_type
e321 LAT users are not supported via api
e322 Invalid subject_request_type
e323 Invalid subject_identities format
e324 Invalid subject_identities length
e325 Invalid subject_identities value
e411 AppID is incorrect or does not belong to your account
e412 No permissions to cancel erasure request
e413 No permissions to view request
e511 Internal problem, wait 60 minutes and try again. If the problem persists contact AppsFlyer support. support@AppsFlyer.com 
Return code 400 bad request messages
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