Accessing audit logs and notifications

At a glance: Account admins can use the Audit log & notifications page to enhance awareness of user activities. For example, check login activity or monitor configuration changes made to integrated partners.

Access Audit log & notifications

To access the Audit log & notifications page:

  1. In the header bar, access the user menu (email address drop-down).
  2. Select Audit log & notifications.


Audit logs and notifications

This page currently includes a report and an email notification setting. More reports and notifications are in the works.


Available report:

  • Login activity is an example of an audit log report. It includes fields such as time, action type, results, user agent, and more.

Permissions: Advertiser, agency, and partner account admins

Benefit: Enhance security awareness

To download a report:

  1. Go to the Audit log & notifications page.
  2. Select a date range. 
    • Default: Last 7 days.
    • Maximum date range: 30 days.
  3. Go to the relevant report section.
  4. Click Download to generate and download a CSV report.


Available notification setting:

  • Integrated-partner activities is an example of a notification setting that sends detailed email updates to admins. 
  • When set to ON, the account admin receives emails listing activation, configuration, and deactivation changes.
  • An email is sent every time changes are saved in an Integrated Partners tab.
  • Email content includes the name of the integrated partner and their app, changes to integration settings, and a hyperlink to the relevant Integrated Partner tab, and more.

Permissions: Advertiser and agency account admins

Benefit: Awareness of configuration changes

To use email notifications:

  1. Go to the Audit log & notifications page.
  2. Go to the section with notification settings.
  3. Enable/disable the toggle position.


Recommended to add to your list of trusted domains. 

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