Export data page raw-data reports

At a glance: Download raw data reports in CSV files. Up to 1M rows per download. Multiple filter options.


Raw-data reports via the Export data page 


Get raw-data reports in CSV files. The reports have the following characteristics:

Characteristic Remarks
Report categories  Differ according to your subscription plan
Date range Raw data reports are filtered by activity date (event occurrence) 
Maximum number of rows 1M rows
Retention/report window

Install-related reports (installs, install postbacks) 60 out of the previous 90 days in a single download. 

In-app event-related reports: 30 out of the previous 90 days in a single download.

Filter options

The filters listed are available for use. In some cases, depending on the filter, filter options are populated. For example, when filtering by Geo the list of available countries is listed.

Field selection

The most important fields are pre-selected. You can add/clear select fields in the Report fields tab. Some fields may not have relevance to a given report. Nevertheless, you can select the field. We do this so that you can have consistent report formats (columns) 



Filter  Advertiser Ad network Agency
Media source Yes No Yes
Geo (territory/country) Yes Yes Yes
In-app events (available for in-app event reports) Yes No Yes
Filter options (per account type)

Downloading reports

To download a report:

  1. Go to Reports > Export Data.
    The page opens. The raw-data tab displays. 
  2. Select a report type.
    The filters tab displays.
  3. Select the activity Date range. You can set the specific date or select from the options such as custom, yesterday, last 7 days, and so on. 
  4. [Optional] Maximum number of rows. Select from 100, 200K, 500K, or 1M rows.
  5. [Optional] Set filters:
    1. Click Add filter.
    2. Select a filter type, like Media source. 
    3. Set the filter value. Select one or more or all filter values. If the filter option does not display search for it.
    4. Add additional filters as needed. 
  6. [Optional]: Reports are populated automatically with the necessary fields. You can add or remove fields as follows:
    1. Go to the Report fields tab.
      The list of selected fields displays. You can't change the selection of mandatory fields. 
    2. Select/clear select fields as required. 
    3. [Option] Click Restore defaults if needed.
  7. Click Download.
    • The report downloads.
    • It can take several minutes for the report to download. You can go to another page or download an additional report but don't close the browser tab until the report downloads. 

Traits and limitations

Trait Remarks 
Ad network access  Yes
Agency access Yes
Agency transparency Yes 
App-specific time zone Yes
App-specific currency  Yes

Up to 1M records per download

Organic data Available
Non-organic data Available
Data freshness Report dependent
Historical data Previous 90 days
Team member access Requires admin approval
Email delivery Not supported

Raw-data Export data page changelog

Raw data updates and changes
2020-11-16 Initial release of Export data page raw data reports V2.0
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