Aggregated data export page

At a glance: Download lifetime value (LTV) aggregate reports filtered by attribution date and media source.

Aggregate data reports

User acquisition and retargeting reports have these characteristics:

  • Contain LTV data of users performing an Attribution Event during the specified date range.
  • An Attribution Event is any of the following:
    • Install
    • Re-engagement
    • Re-attribution (retargeting reinstall)
  • LTV data means as follows:
    • Install and Re-attribution: Events performed by a user starting with the Attribution Event until the present
    • Re-engagements: Events performed by the user starting during the re-engagement window
  • Reports, depending on size, can take several minutes to download.
  • Reports hold up to 200K rows. 
  • Rate limitations

Download aggregate data reports

To download a report:

  1. In AppsFlyer, go to ReportsAggregated Data Export.
  2. [Optional] Select a media source. 
  3. Select the Attribution Event date range.
  4. Select a report, click Download.