Ad cost reporting by click

At a glance: Viewing aggregated cost data for each ad click as reported by ad networks.

Basic cost reporting

Cost data is reported to AppsFlyer by:

  • Ad networks: each time a user clicks on an ad. Viewing campaign cost in AppsFlyer helps advertisers measure ROI and make appropriate budgetary decisions.
  • Advanced options for cost aggregation, including by API and ad spend ingestion (CSV file upload).

    • Cost aggregation methods support cost models used by the partner in addition to CPI, including CPI, CPA, CPC, and CPM.

Viewing ad cost by click

Cost by click data is aggregated and available for viewing in real-time (maximum up to 2 hours after click) in the AppsFlyer dashboards, performance reports, and raw data reports.

In the Overview dashboard, Aggregated Performance Report contains cost, clicks, impressions, ROI, and average eCPI data. 


The performance and raw data reports are also available for download.

Ad networks providing cost by click data

For ad networks that report cost by click, the dimensions supported are those contained on the click.

Ad networks that report cost by click


Cost by click limitations:

  • Cost is only reported using the cost-per-install model (CPI). Other models, including CPA, CPC, and CPM are not supported. 
  • Self-reporting networks (SRN) do not report cost by click.  
  • Click data is immutable. Therefore, once it's logged in AppsFlyer, it cannot be changed, even if there are data-reporting errors.