Advertiser APIs and interfaces

At a glance:  Server-based interfaces and APIs let advertisers upload information to the AppsFlyer platform and receive/extract information.  The scope of this article doesn't include SDK, attribution links, and partner integration APIs.

Specific information about reports, reporting tools, and reporting APIs:

Interfaces for advertisers
Arena API name

4121 Premium feature role tag_7.png

Description Interface type
Mobile attribution Server-to-server events No

Record in-app events that occur outside a mobile app


People-based Attribution (PBA) Server-to-server web  No Report PBA events that occur in the Backend REST API
Engagement OneLink Yes Manage OneLinks: create, update, retrieve, delete REST API
Engagement Audiences Yes Upload user lists to Audiences REST API
Privacy  GDPR requests No Data removal requests and status REST API
Reporting  Master performance KPIs Yes Multi-app campaign performance metrics in CSV files REST API
Reporting Pull aggregate reports No Aggregate reports in CSV files REST API
Reporting Pull raw data Yes Raw data reports in CSV files REST API
Reporting Cohort analytics Yes Cohort metrics in JSON or CSV files REST API
Reporting Data Locker Yes Multi-app raw-data reports in CSV files AWS S3 bucket provided by AppsFlyer
Mobile attribution Push Yes Real-time installs and in-app events sent to advertisers' servers REST API
Campaign cost Ad spend ingestion No Report campaign cost  File upload
Account Get app list No Get a list of apps in your account Rest API


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