Bulletin: PBA Web-to-App release (07-2020)

What's new
  • Support both organic and non-organic installs and reinstalls
  • User interface dashboard enhancement
  • Change to raw-data schema
Publication date July 1, 2020
Where PBA Web-to-App
Impact  Advertisers using PBA

Dashboard updates

Until this update, W2A installs were limited to organic and owned media sources such as email, Smart Banners, and custom attribution links. This update offers a number of changes. 

W2A dashboard



W2A installs now include both organic and non-organic installs and reinstalls. This lets you analyze the impact of web-marketing efforts in relation to all installs and reinstalls including retargeting reinstalls (reattributions).


More filter options: Organic and non-organic, and media type.

Web/Mobile media source table

Improved web/mobile media-source interaction table.


Raw data updates

Web-to-App raw data updates
Field name Change Populated with
install_name New  Types: install, reinstall
Install_type Additional value


path_touch_type Deprecated Equivalent field touchpoint_contribution
touchpoint_contribution New 
  • Last: Last/only web media source before install
  • Assist: Not the last touchpoint before install
web_media_channel New Media channels
web_utm_id New ID of UTM
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