Bulletin: Retargeting sessions metrics and raw-data

What's new

Retargeting (re-engagement & re-attribution) sessions metrics and raw-data availability. Prior to this change:

  • Re-attributions were recorded as part of organic user acquisition 
  • Retargeting sessions data was not available

Currently, this change impacts the following:

  • Overview dashboard (retargeting and unified view)
  • Cohort dashboard
  • Data Locker sessions reports
Required actions
  • Who: Advertisers
  • What: Enable retargeting sessions raw-data in Data Locker
  • Why: Re-attribution sessions will no longer be included in the user acquisition sessions raw-data reports
  • When: Deadline is July 12, 2020. If you enable the report after this date there will be a gap in re-attribution sessions data
Effective Date

July 13, 2020


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What's new

Advertisers can expect a small reduction in the volume of sessions reported in the Overview and Cohort (user acquisition view) dashboards. Why? Re-attribution sessions are no longer included. The user attribution sessions raw-data report no longer includes re-attributions.

Starting July 7, 2020, the new Data Locker retargeting sessions report can be enabled; it includes both re-engagement and re-attribution sessions. The report will be populated with data starting from the Effective Date. 

Retargeting sessions metrics and raw-data availability will change as follows: 

Sessions    Metrics Raw data


(no change) 

  • Overview dashboard
  • Cohort user acquisition view 
Data Locker user-acquisition sessions


  • Overview dashboard
  • Cohort user acquisition view
Data Locker user-acquisition sessions

Cohort dashboard retargeting and unified views

Data Locker retargeting sessions
Re-engagement  Before Not available  Not available 
After Cohort dashboard retargeting and unified views Data Locker retargeting sessions

Retargeting sessions data

Retargeting sessions data has a similar logic to that used in relation to retargeting in-app events—both user acquisition and retargeting media sources are attributed. This impacts retargeting sessions metrics and raw data in a similar manner to that of in-app events. 

Retargeting sessions data in Cohort 

Starting from the Effective Date retargeting seasons are available in Cohort retargeting and unified views. Sessions occurring prior to the Effective Date are not available.  

Data Locker retargeting sessions raw-data report

To avoid data loss, enable this report before July 12, 2020. The report will begin to include data starting from the Effective Date.

AppsFlyerAdmin_us-en.pngTo enable the retargeting sessions report in Data Locker:

    1. Go to Integrations > Data Locker
    2. Select Retargeting Sessions.
    3. Click Save Configuration. 
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