AppsFlyer iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork Solution updates

At a glance: iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork Solution updates and releases


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iOS 14 related updates
Updated   Area Links & details
2021-04-04 Postbacks from partners Partners can send the app_id and ad_network_name as a query param with the postback. 
2021-31-03 Postbacks from partners  Added support for fidelity in the iOS postback
2021-31-03 Aggregated Advanced Privacy Aggregated Advanced Privacy
2021-03-16 Is LAT How LAT translates to iOS
2021-03-16 SKAdNetwork partner list The partner list is updated weekly on Mondays
2021-03-16 SDK If you implement SKAdNetwork revenue measurement you must adopt SDK V6.2.4+
2021-03-10 SDK If you implement SKAdNetwork measurement you must adopt SDK V6.2.3+
2021-02-17 SKAdNetwork feature
2021-01-25 Integration Facebook SKAdNetwork integration with AppsFlyer
2020-12-23 Aggregate report SKAdNetwork postback aggregate reporting API 
2020-12-23 Raw data report SKAdNetwork raw data reports via Data Locker
2020-10-07 Raw data
2020-09-17 iOS 14 release Guidance about SDK V6.X and SDK V5.4
2020-09-04 Getting started guide Getting started with iOS 14; an AppsFlyer guide for advertisers
2020-09-04 SKAdNetwork dashboard Simulation view
2020-08-20 iOS SDK V6 iOS SDK V6.X integration guide for developers
2020-08-11 Server-to-Server API Add IDFV and ATT parameter to events reported by server-to-server API
2020-08-10  SKAdNetwork  AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork Solution (iOS 14)—attribution without IDFA
2020-08-10  SKAdNetwork SKAdNetwork overview dashboard
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  • September 4, 2020: AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork dashboard simulation view, based on data currently available in your app.

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  • An updated iOS SKD has been reIeased that fixed a criticial bug. If you implmenet SKAdNetwork measurement you must adopt SDK V6.2.3+

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