SKAN integrated partners list

At a glance: Lists of ad network partners having SKAN integration with AppsFlyer, Ad network Apple SKAdNewtork IDs.

AppsFlyer SKAN partners

The partners listed are integrated with AppsFlyer and forward iOS SKAN postbacks to AppsFlyer.

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Partners listed send AppsFlyer the SKAN postbacks they receive from iOS devices. In addition, they add to the postbacks supplement fields based on their advertising hierarchy and reporting systems. These supplement fields enrich the postback with more data and help to better understand the performance of your SKAN campaigns.

The following enrichment fields are available: 

  • Location: Reported by the attributed ad network or derived from the IP address used to send the postback
  • Enrichment Campaign ID: This ID is distinct from the SKAN campaign ID reported in the iOS postback which is always available.
  • Enrichment Campaign name: Displays in reports and dashboards.
  • Enrichment cost: Displays in reports and dashboards.

Download as an Excel file.

Partners having AppsFlyer SKAN integration and enrichment fields supported
Partner name Logo Location Enrichment Campaign ID Enrichment Campaign name Enrichment Site ID

Enrichment Cost






✓  -


- -
Appier - - - - -
Applovin - -
Appreciate - - -
BigaBid - - -
BoomBit - - -
TikTok for Business - - -
Chartboost - - - - -
Dataseat  - -
Facebook Ads  - -
Google Ads - -
InMobi - -
InMobi DSP - -  -
ironSource  -
Jampp, an Affle company  - - -
Kayzen - - -
King - - -
Lifestreet  - - -
Liftoff  - -
Mintegral International Limited  - - -
Moloco  - - -
MoPub Acquire  - -
Myappfree - -  
Outbrain - - - RTB - - -
Reddit - - -
Remerge - - -
Simeji - - - - -
Smadex  - -
SmartNews Ads - -  -
Snapchat  - -
Tapjoy - - -
Tencent AMS - - - - -
Twitter  - - -
Unicorn  - - -
Unity Ads  -
Vungle  - -
Yahoo! Japan - ✓  -
Yandex Direct - - -
Zinkads - - - -

Apple SKAdNetwork IDs of ad networks

The table that follows contains the list of Apple SKAdNetwork IDs to populate your app Info.plist

Download CSV file

In accordance with Apple guidance IDs must be in lowercase

List of SKAN IDs
PID (AppsFlyer partner ID) Apple ad network ID
aarki_int 4fzdc2evr5.skadnetwork
adcolony_int 4pfyvq9l8r.skadnetwork
adcountymedia_int 633vhxswh4.skadnetwork
adkomo_int tmhh9296z4.skadnetwork
adperio_int vcra2ehyfk.skadnetwork
adsynthetic_int 79w64w269u.skadnetwork
adtheorent_int cg4yq2srnc.skadnetwork
adtiming_int 488r3q3dtq.skadnetwork
adupps_int d7g9azk84q.skadnetwork
adzmedia_int nzq8sh4pbs.skadnetwork
appalgom_int 2q884k2j68.skadnetwork
appier_int v72qych5uu.skadnetwork
applift_int 6xzpu9s2p8.skadnetwork
applovin_int ludvb6z3bs.skadnetwork
applovin_int x8jxxk4ff5.skadnetwork
appreciateappoffers_int mlmmfzh3r3.skadnetwork
appsfiremng_int pd25vrrwzn.skadnetwork
beeswax_int c6k4g5qg8m.skadnetwork
bigabid_int 3qy4746246.skadnetwork
bondika_int y755zyxw56.skadnetwork
boombit_int qlbq5gtkt8.skadnetwork
buzzad_int 67369282zy.skadnetwork
bytedance_int 899vrgt9g8.skadnetwork
bytedanceglobal_int mj797d8u6f.skadnetwork
bytedanceglobal_int 22mmun2rn5.skadnetwork
chartboosts2s_int f38h382jlk.skadnetwork
clearpier_int mp6xlyr22a.skadnetwork
creativeclicks_int 88k8774x49.skadnetwork
criteonew_int hs6bdukanm.skadnetwork
crossaudience_int c7g47wypnu.skadnetwork
crossinstall_int prcb7njmu6.skadnetwork
curatemobileltd_int 52fl2v3hgk.skadnetwork
cygobel_int 9vvzujtq5s.skadnetwork
dataliftretargeting_int 4468km3ulz.skadnetwork
dataseat_int m8dbw4sv7c.skadnetwork
disciplinedigital_int m5mvw97r93.skadnetwork
dreamperf_int dd3a75yxkv.skadnetwork
evolvemedia_int h5jmj969g5.skadnetwork
exmox_int dr774724x4.skadnetwork
Facebook v9wttpbfk9.skadnetwork
Facebook n38lu8286q.skadnetwork
fascode_int t7ky8fmwkd.skadnetwork
feedmob_int fz2k2k5tej.skadnetwork
found_int cs644xg564.skadnetwork
fuzeclick_int w28pnjg2k4.skadnetwork
fyber_int c6k4g5qg8m.skadnetwork
gmthub_int vc83br9sjg.skadnetwork
Google cstr6suwn9.skadnetwork
hybrid_int w9q455wk68.skadnetwork
igaworkstradingworks_int 54nzkqm89y.skadnetwork
imalimedia_int lr83yxwka7.skadnetwork
imobile_int v4nxqhlyqp.skadnetwork
inmobidsp_int wzmmz9fp6w.skadnetwork
ironsource_int su67r6k2v3.skadnetwork
jampp_int yclnxrl5pm.skadnetwork
jinglemobi_int l6nv3x923s.skadnetwork
jumprampgames_int h8vml93bkz.skadnetwork
jumprampgames_int uzqba5354d.skadnetwork
jungroup_int nu4557a4je.skadnetwork
kaden_int x44k69ngh6.skadnetwork
kidoz_int v79kvwwj4g.skadnetwork
lemmonetmobile_int au67k4efj4.skadnetwork
lifestreet_int t38b2kh725.skadnetwork
liftoff_int 7ug5zh24hu.skadnetwork
loopme_int 5lm9lj6jb7.skadnetwork
manplus_int feyaarzu9v.skadnetwork
mediamath_int n6fk4nfna4.skadnetwork
mediasmart_int 7rz58n8ntl.skadnetwork
mfaas_int 7fbxrn65az.skadnetwork
mintegral_int kbd757ywx3.skadnetwork
mobione_int v7896pgt74.skadnetwork
mobrain_int 5ghnmfs3dh.skadnetwork
mobupps_int 275upjj5gd.skadnetwork
moburst_int 627r9wr2y5.skadnetwork
mobvista_int sczv5946wb.skadnetwork
mocaglobal_int hb56zgv37p.skadnetwork
moloco_int 9t245vhmpl.skadnetwork
motive_int dn942472g5.skadnetwork
mpnd_int 6v7lgmsu45.skadnetwork
myappfre_int cad8qz2s3j.skadnetwork
nend_int eh6m2bh4zr.skadnetwork
outbrain_int 97r2b46745.skadnetwork
persona.ly_int 44jx6755aq.skadnetwork
personalyrtb_int 44jx6755aq.skadnetwork
pocketmedia_int 84993kbrcf.skadnetwork
pokktperf_int zmvfpc5aq8.skadnetwork
pubnative_int tl55sbb4fm.skadnetwork
reddit_int 2tdux39lx8.skadnetwork
remerge_int 2u9pt9hc89.skadnetwork
revx_int 5a6flpkh64.skadnetwork
rtbhouse_int 8s468mfl3y.skadnetwork
sabiomobile_int glqzh8vgby.skadnetwork
scalemonk_int av6w8kgt66.skadnetwork
siftco_int klf5c3l5u5.skadnetwork
smadex_int ppxm28t8ap.skadnetwork
smartnewsads_int 9wsyqb3ku7.skadnetwork
snapchat_int 424m5254lk.skadnetwork
spotad_int f73kdq92p3.skadnetwork
spykemedia_int 44n7hlldy6.skadnetwork
startapp_int 5l3tpt7t6e.skadnetwork
tapjoy_int ecpz2srf59.skadnetwork
targetmedia_int x5854y7y24.skadnetwork
tencentams_int f7s53z58qe.skadnetwork
thetradedesk_int uw77j35x4d.skadnetwork
thingortwo_int 6964rsfnh4.skadnetwork
tnk_int gvmwg8q7h5.skadnetwork
trademob_int ydx93a7ass.skadnetwork
unicorn_int 578prtvx9j.skadnetwork
unityads_int 4dzt52r2t5.skadnetwork
ventesavenues_int rvh3l7un93.skadnetwork
vungle_int gta9lk7p23.skadnetwork
widenad_int r45fhb6rf7.skadnetwork
yeahmobi_int 32z4fx6l9h.skadnetwork
youappi_int 3rd42ekr43.skadnetwork
zinkads_int 5mv394q32t.skadnetwork
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