Agency bulletin: Access to advertiser raw data

What's new

Access by agencies to raw data requires explicit advertiser permission.
Effective Date September 23, 2020
Where Raw data via Export page or Pull API 

Raw data of agency attributed traffic is impacted by this change. Starting from the Effective Date: 

  • [Default] Agencies don't have access to raw data.
  • Advertisers must grant you, the agency, explicit permission to access the data. 
  • The advertiser app subscription plan needs to include raw data in order for them to grant you access. 
Required action

Who: Agencies


You must ask advertisers to explicitly grant you permission to access raw data.

Advertisers can do so when raw data is included in their subscription plan.

This change does not impact Twitter raw data, which remains unavailable to agencies, in accordance with Twitter privacy and data sharing policies.


Advertisers grant raw data permission as follows: 

  1. Go to Configuration > Integrated Partners. Select the agency.
  2. Go to the permissions tab, enable Allow agency to access raw data reports.


When: Any time after the Effective Date. 

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