Bulletin: Raw data Pull API supports 1M rows

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Pull API raw-data returns up to 1M (1,000,000) rows per request
Effective Date October 20, 2020
Where Pull API raw-data reports
  • Until now, Pull API returned up to 200K rows per call. 
  • Starting today, advertisers are able to get up to 1M rows per call by using the maximum_rows parameter.
  • [Default unchanged] 200K rows. If you don't send maximum_rows, up to 200K rows return.

Example call having 1,000,000 rows

GET https://hq.appsflyer.com/export/{app_id}/installs_report/v5?api_token={token}&from=2020-09-01&to=2020-09-27&maximum_rows=1000000

 maximum_rows permitted values:

  • 200000 
  • 1000000 

Don't send any other value.

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