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What's new

Export Data page has a new layout and design


Export Data page 

Required actions
  • Who: Advertisers
  • What: Familiarize yourself with the new layout and features. The existing layout is available for the present
Effective Date

November 16, 2020


Starting today advertisers see the new layout and design. The reports available are according to your subscription plan. 


  • Report size: Raw data reports have up to 1M rows
  • Filters: Geo filter. in addition to the current media source and in-app event filters. Additional filters like campaign, channel, adset, and more will be added going forward.
  • Field selection: Select report fields on demand
  • Additional report: Organic uninstalls
What you must know
  • For the present, you can access the existing Export Data layout. Click View the previous layout, in the upper-right corner.
  • Field selection:
    • You can select a field even if it has no relevance in the context of the selected report. For example, the field event revenue is not populated or relevant in the context of an installs report.
    • We allow you to do so so that report formats are consistent.
  • Limitation: Email reports are presently not available
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