Change to PBA website raw data reports January 18, 2021

What's changing Field addition and removal to  People-Based Attribution website events and website visits raw data reports 
Required action

Update your data import process

Effective Date January 18, 2021
Field What's different? 


event_id Remove Currently unpopulated
attribution_event_id Remove Currently unpopulated
mobile_platform Remove Currently unpopulated
language Add  
os_version Add  
user_agent Add  
query_params_deprecated Add The current query_params field in the current format will populate this field temporarily. 

c -> summer, af_siteid -> publisher, af_sub1 ->
helloworld, af_keywords-> shoes, utm_source -> Google

query_params Revised format  JSON containing the query params.
Example: {"c":"summer",af_siteid":"publisher",af_sub1":helloworld", af_keywords":"shoes","utm_source":"Google"}
Changes to website events and website visits raw data reports

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