Bulletin: Probabilistic Modeling for retargeting attribution

What's new

Probabilistic Modeling for retargeting re-engagements
Effective Date  February 17, 2021

Until now, retargeting attribution links required advertising IDs like GAID, IDFA, and OAID to attribute re-engagements motivated by users viewing ads or clicking on retargeting links. 

Starting the Effective Date, retargeting re-engagements are attributed using Probabilistic Modeling like that of install attribution.

The lookback window used in retargeting Probabilistic Modeling is set dynamically by AppsFlyer and depends on the operating system, Wi-Fi use, and more. 

This change can lead to increased attribution of retargeting conversions.

What's staying the same 

Deep linking and SRN retargeting campaigns don't require any action by you. 

Action required

Server-to-Server clicks:  If you or your ad network partner sends clicks using  Server-to-Server clicks, make sure that you include the necessary Probabilistic Modeling parameters.


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