Connect Data Locker to Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

At a glance: Connect Data Locker to your Google Cloud Storage. 

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Connect Data Locker to a GCS bucket

  • The procedure in this section needs to be performed by your Google Cloud admin.
  • You can delete files from Data Locker 25 or more hours after they were written. Please don't delete them before. 

Information for the GCS admin: 

Data Locker is the AppsFlyer solution for delivering app raw data to customers.


  • Create a bucket on GCS for the exclusive use of Data Locker. Exclusive means no other service writes data to the bucket. 
  • Suggested bucket name: af-datalocker.
  • Grant Data Locker permissions using the procedure that follows.

To grant Data Locker permissions:

In this procedure, substitute data-locker-example using the name of the bucket you previously created for Data Locker. 

  1. Sign in to your GCS console.
  2. Go to StorageStorage > Storage browser.


  3. Select the bucket you previously created, for example,  data-locker-example
  4. Go to the Permissions tab. 
  5. Click +Add.
    The Add members window opens.
  6. Complete as follows:
    1. New members,  paste the snippet that follows.
    2. Select a role: Cloud storage > Storage Admin


  7. Click Save
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