Bulletin: OneLink redirection to third-party Android app stores

What's new

OneLink templates provide an option to redirect users without your app to third-party Android app stores.
Effective date May 19, 2021
Where OneLink template setup

Before the change: OneLink templates provided options for users without your app to be redirected to Apple App Store, Google Play, or a web URL.

After the change: OneLink templates also provide options for users without your app to be redirected to the following third-party Android app stores:

  • Huawei AppGallery
  • Xiaomi Market
  • Samsung Galaxy Store
  • Oppo App Market
  • Vivo App Store
What you must know
  • Redirecting to third-party Android app stores requires your app in the other stores to have the same package name as the Android app selected in your OneLink template.
  • The APK package name (for example: com.shop.app) is used for the redirection, so make sure the APK package name exists in the third-party app store before you select it.
  • Only the package name is extracted from the Android app to redirect users. For example, if the AppsFlyer name includes a channel as well, like com.shop.app-store, only com.shop.app is extracted. In such a case, redirection works, but attribution doesn't.
  • If you select an Android app that is not in Google Play, you must enter a URL to which all Android users are redirected.

  • If your Android app is available exclusively through a third-party store, you must set its Google Play status to Published out of store when adding the app. Choosing any other status will prevent redirection to the third-party store and will result in an error message.