Bulletin: Action required Facebook <-> AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork integration


What's new

Facebook shares iOS SKAdNetwork postback data with AppsFlyer for inclusion in the AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork dashboard and reports.

Action required!

You must allow Facebook to share SKAdNetwork postback data with AppsFlyer. If you don't do so, you won't see SKAdNetwork installs attributed to Facebook in the AppsFlyer SKAdNetwork dashboard. 

Bulletin date May 9, 2021
Where SKAdNetwork dashboard and reports


What's changing

The AppsFlyer and Facebook SKAdNetwork integration has been enhanced. Starting now, you can grant Facebook permission to share the contents of decoded iOS SKAdNetwork postbacks for installs attributed by SKAdNetwork to Facebook.

At present, we don't get the actual postbacks. Meaning, they aren't currently in SKAdNetwork raw data reports available via the platfrom.

Action required

To grant Facebook permission to share SKAdNetwork data with AppsFlyer:

  1. Before proceeding consider that this procedure needs to be performed once per app.
  2. In AppsFlyer, go to Configuration > Integrated partners.
  3. Select Facebook.


  4. Go to the SKAdNetwork tab.
  5. You must log in to Facebook using an Admin or Advertiser account having ads_read permission.
  6. Follow the instructions in the user interface.
    After you complete the process in Facebook, you will be returned to AppsFlyer. 
  7. Verify that the account status waiting for synch displays.
    This message persists until we get data from Facebook.
  8. Wait until 02:00 UTC of the next day, then verify that the status changes to success.
    Data in the SKAdNetwork dashboard updates daily by 08:00 UTC.

In-app event names

At present, Facebook sends event names to AppsFlyer using the Facebook mapped event name and not your event name. So, if your event name is af_purchase, Facebook reports the event using fb_mobile_purchase. The names used are according to the in-app event names mapped in the integration.

Earliest data availability

Data is available starting on the date that you enable the integration, using UTC.

Determining the install date


  • iOS SKAdNetwork postbacks don't contain an actual install timestamp. 
  • Facebook regards the postback arrival time as the install time and considers the app timezone in Facebook in setting the date.
  • AppsFlyer derives the install time as follows: Postback arrival time - 48 hours = install time. AppsFlyer doesn't consider the app time zone.

Data freshness

SKAdNetwork data is processed at the end of each day UTC. Meaning, postback data from Facebook received on Monday is available after processing in dashboards and reports on Tuesday after 08:00 UTC. 

This daily methodology impacts apps in the western hemisphere. For these apps, it can take another day for updated data to display. Learn more about daily processing.


Facebook data is available in the SKAdNetwork dashboard and via the SKAdNetwork performance reporting API.

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