Agency fee rules


At a glance: Agency fee rules are part of the AppsFlyer ROI360 premium feature that enables advertisers to add the percentage fees agencies charge for traffic so they can see the total campaign cost.


Agency fee rules are defined by the advertiser (with AppsFlyer account admin privileges) in the rule builder using customized conditions that add fee percentages to the cost of agency campaigns for specific apps and/or media sources.

ROI360 uses the agency fee rule to calculate the total ad cost with the fee, based on the ad network API and attribution link cost. The calculation applies at every granularity level (campaign, adset, etc.). The results are displayed in your dashboards, reports, and Cost ETL; not in the agency or ad network dashboards and reports. Note: Cost ETL reports have additional fields for agency fees.

Agency rules help advertisers:

  • Understand the real cost of their ad campaigns
  • Save time and manual effort to report on cost data
  • Manage agency performance
  • Accurately analyze historical cost data


See the sections that follow for instructions for the view, add, edit, and delete rules. All procedures require AppsFlyer admin privileges.

View rule list

AppsFlyerAdmin_us-en.png To view all the agency fee rules created in your account:

  1. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Settings > Cost Control.
    The Cost Control screen displays the list of agency rules. Rules are categorized into the following possible statuses:
    • Active: The rule start date is today or earlier, and the rules have calculated fee data at least once.
    • Inactive: The rule end date is in the past (meaning before today).
    • Scheduled: There is data waiting to be processed. After creating a rule or editing the date/price, the rule is scheduled until it is processed and then it moves to Active or Inactive. 
    • Failed: The rule is failing to calculate for technical reasons.
  2. Filter the rules in the list using the filter options: Partner, App, and Media source.

Add rule

The rule builder user interface is designed for interactive rule building. Tip! Familiarize and experiment with the rule builder before reviewing this article in detail.

AppsFlyerAdmin_us-en.png To add a new rule:

  1. In AppsFlyer, from the side menu, select Settings > Cost Control.
  2. Click + Add Agency fees rule.
    The Agency fees rule screen displays.
  3. Select a partner (agency).
  4. Choose one or more Apps or select All apps. If you select All apps, the rule applies to all your apps, including apps added to your account in the future.
  5. Select one or more media sources or check All media sources. If you check All media sources, the rule applies to all media sources, including those added in the future.
    • If the agency you work with is non-transparent, the All media sources option is selected by default, and you cannot select a specific media source.
    • If your selected app is not transparent, the media source drop-down remains disabled, unless, the app selected in the drop-down contains Meta ads or X Ads, as these are always transparent.
  6. Enter a start date.
  7. [Optional] Enter an end date.
  8. Enter the agency fee percentage fee. This can be a number between 100 and -100 (to reflect agency discounts or refunds). 
  9. Click Create rule.


The following errors can prevent your rule from being created:

  • A mandatory field is not populated. To resolve, ensure that all the mandatory fields are populated.
  • The rule logic conflicts with an existing rule. To resolve, change the app, or media source.

Edit, duplicate, or delete a rule


When you edit or delete a rule, previously calculated data (up to 90 days in the past) gets overwritten:

  • For an edited rule, the total cost reflects the updated agency percentage fee.
  • For a deleted rule, the agency fee is removed from the total cost. 

AppsFlyerAdmin_us-en.png To edit, duplicate, or delete a rule:

  1. In the rule list, hover over the rule you want to edit, duplicate, or delete.
  2. Click Menu on the right side.
  3. Select the action you want to perform.


The agency and start date of a rule cannot be edited after the rule is created. If you need to change them, delete your old configuration, and create a new rule.

Traits and limitations

Traits and limitations
Trait Remarks
Agencies and ad networks

Agencies and ad networks cannot view rules, or see the total ad cost data that results from agency fee rules in their dashboards and reports.

Data freshness Intraday. Initial calculations can take up to 5 hours to display.
Historical data

Rules can be created and impact data up to 90 days in the past.