Send SKAN postback copies directly to AppsFlyer (iOS 15+)

At a glance: Starting iOS 15, configure your app to send postback copies to AppsFlyer in addition to sending them to ad networks. Doing so enables AppsFlyer to validate the conversion value (CV) and verify postback integrity. Configure AppsFlyer Push API to forward postback copies to an additional selected endpoint.

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Why send postback copies to AppsFlyer?

  • Get all postbacks in one place: Postbacks contain information critical to advertisersspecifically, the CV used to measure user quality. The CV, in postbacks, is neither encrypted nor part of the postback signature. As a result, the CV as reported by the ad network can't be validated and is open to manipulation. AppsFlyer will forward the postback copies using Push API to endpoints defined by you. 
  • View redownload metrics; some ad networks don't share redownload data with AppsFlyer. AppsFlyer uses the postback copy to complete the picture.
  • View publisher app data 
  • View touch-type engagement

Note! AppsFlyer must still receive ad network postbacks as they contain additional data provided by the ad network (for example, campaign name).

Configure your app to send postback copies to AppsFlyer

To register the AppsFlyer endpoint:

  1. Select Info.plistin the Project navigator in Xcode.

  2. Click the Add button (+) beside a key in the property list editor and press Return.

  3. Enter the key name NSAdvertisingAttributionReportEndpoint. Note! According to Apple documentation, you can set one endpoint.

  4. Choose String from the pop-up menu in the Type column.

  5. Enter the AppsFlyer endpoint URL.
  6. Copies of postbacks received are provided in the postbacks copy report.


After configuring your app to send postbacks, make sure you resubmit the app to Apple for an updated approval. Note: The app must be producing valid live SKAN postbacks; TestFlight tests won’t work.

Common misconceptions

 Don't believe everything you hear!

Are these statements true or false?


  • Advertisers no longer depend on ad networks to get postbacks. 
    • False. The advertiser still depends on the ad network to decode significant pieces of data. For example, only the ad network can map the SKAN campaign ID to the campaign name.
  • As soon as I've set an additional endpoint, copies of all postbacks are sent there.
    • False. The additional endpoint feature is only available for devices running iOS 15+. Postback copies aren't sent from devices running earlier versions.
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