Email notifications

At a glance: Manage all your AppsFlyer email account notifications in a single location.

You can elect to receive email notifications from AppsFlyer when certain events occur in your account. Opt-in or out of receiving these notifications in Email notifications.

Accessing email notifications

To access email notifications:

  • From the top bar, open the account menu (email address dropdown) > Email notifications.

Configuring notifications

To opt-in to receive a notification, turn it on from the list of available notifications.

To stop receiving it, turn it off.

What notifications can I receive?

To opt-in to a particular notification, it must be:

  • Available in your company's AppsFlyer account. If a notification is not available in your company's account, the switch to turn it on is not visible.
    • For example, if your company does not subscribe to the AppsFlyer Push API feature, the switch related to this feature is not visible. 
  • Available to you, based on your user permissions. If a notification is related to a capability or feature to which you have not been assigned permissions, the switch to turn in on and off is disabled.
    • For example, if you do not have permissions to add or edit integrated partners, the switch to turn on or off a notification related to integrated partner configuration is disabled.

When will I receive notifications?

If you have opted-in to receive a particular notification, you will receive an email when the trigger event for that notification occurs, but only when that trigger event is applicable to apps and media sources to which you have permissions.


Consider the following scenario:

  • Your company has 3 apps in AppsFlyer: App A, App B, and App C.
  • Each app has active integrations with 2 media sources (integrated partners): Google Ads and TikTok.
  • Your AppsFlyer user has permissions to:
    • Add or edit integrated partners
    • Access data for App C
    • Access data for Google Ads
  • You have opted in to receive a notification when there are changes to integrated partner configurations.


  • You won't receive notifications when there are integrated partner configuration changes for Apps A and B.
  • You won't receive notifications when there are TikTok configuration changes for App C.
  • You will receive notifications when there are Google Ads configuration changes for App C.

Where will I receive notifications?

Notifications are sent by email to the email address associated with your AppsFlyer account.

Available notifications

The following table lists available notifications and the events that trigger them:

Notification Trigger event
Integrated partner configuration changes
  • A new integrated partner is activated
  • An existing integrated partner is deactivated
  • A change is made to the settings of an existing integrated partner
Push API failures

5% or more of an app's Push API messages fail within a 12-hour period

Audiences connection failures

There are audience partner connection failures that require your attention

Ad revenue suspended integrations

An ad revenue integration is suspended after having a warning status for more than 30 days

Ad revenue data failure

An ad revenue integration isn't receiving data

Integrated partner cost configuration changes

A team member changes cost integration settings

SKAN connection failures

There is an issue with your Google Ads or Meta SKAN integration with AppsFlyer that requires your attention. You may need to delete the current integration and log in again.