Bulletin SKAN raw data changes (July 2021)


What's changing

SKAdNetwork raw data and aggregated postback reports are changing. This impacts customers using raw data. 

  • Data Locker
  • API
  • Push API
  • Postbacks to ad network partners

Starting date

July 21, 2021

Which fields are affected

We previously added the fields listed to the raw data and aggregated postback reports but until now they weren't populated. 

  • min_revenue
  • max_revenue
  • min_event_counter
  • max_event_counter
  • min_time_post_install
  • max_time_post_install
Is any action required? 

Yes, if you use engagement measurement and consume raw data changes are required in your data import process as detailed in this bulletin.

Event counter (engagement measurement) 

App using engagement measurement

If the app is configured to measure engagement, you must adjust your data import process. 

Before the change:

Until now, the number of event records generated correlated with the number of times a use performed and event. For example, if the user performed the designated engagement event 5 times, 5 in-app event records were generated. The engagement metric for that user was calculated by counting the number of records. 

After the change:

  • The engagement event is reported using one record.
  • To determine the number of times a user performs a given in-app event use the formula: [round up (min_event_counter + max_event_counter) / 2]. Note!  You must round up to the nearest integer.
    A. If min = 0 and max = 1 the average is 0.5; rounding up returns a result of 1.
    B. If min = 5 and max = 10 the average is 7.5; rounding up returns a result of 8.


Revenue is always reported by AppsFlyer using the skad_revenue field. Additionally, if you use custom conversion, the bucket range associated with the event and used to calculate skad_revenue is described by min_revenue and max_revenue fields. AppsFlyer calculates the revenue by averaging the revenue range. 

Post-install time range

If you use custom conversion, the postback raw data event and the associated in-app events have the min_time_post_install and max_time_post_installfields populated according to your custom configuration settings.

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