Bulletin: TikTok For Business limiting view-through user-level data



User-level view-through attribution data is limited for TikTok For Business raw data. 
Effective Date October 23, 2021

Where is it changing

TikTok For Business integration and raw-data reports.
What's changing 

Starting July 28, 2021, TikTok For Business introduced enhanced data privacy measures to protect people using their services. As such, TikTok For Business no longer provided advertisers with view-through attribution data at the device level.

Starting October 23, 2021, TikTok for Business is allowing some view-through conversion data. The following attribution fields in user-level sources such as raw data reports, Push API messages, and Pull API reports, are populated:

  • Media source (bytedanceglobal_int)
  • Channel
  • Attributed touch type (impression)
  • Attributed touch time (reported as date only - "dd/mm/yyyy")
  • Campaign is reported as "restricted"
Estimated roll-out plan
  • Pull API, Data Locker, and Export data page - November 15, 2021.
  • Push API - November 24, 2021.
What's staying the same Aggregate data reports continue to display view-through conversions.
Action required Consider this change when consuming raw data. 

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