Bulletin: TikTok For Business restricting view-through user-level data



User-level view-through attribution data displays as restricted for TikTok For Business raw data. 
Effective Date July 28, 2021

Where is it changing

TikTok For Business integration and raw-data reports.
What's changing 

TikTok For Business introduced enhanced data privacy measures to protect people using their services. As such, TikTok For Business no longer provides advertisers with view-through attribution data at the device level.

Starting from the Effective Date, view-through conversions and the associated in-app events are displayed as a restricted media source. As a result, AppsFlyer might not attribute conversion-assisting impressions to TikTok For Business.

The associated attribution fields in user-level sources such as raw data reports, Push API messages, and Pull API reports, are not populated. 

What's staying the same Aggregate data reports continue to display view-through conversions.
Action required Consider this change when consuming raw data. 

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