Bulletin: SKAN raw data fields starting October 18, 2021 (action required)


What's changing

SKAN raw data fields
Bulletin date September 12, 2021
Where SKAN raw data reports via Data Locker


What's changing

Starting October 18, 2021, fields listed in the following table will be added to raw data reports. For now, they'll be unpopulated.  

Field sequence in reports

  • Field sequence in event reports (installs, re-downloads, in-app events) is changing.
  • There is no change to the field sequence of postback reports. 

What's staying the same

  • No change is required within your app. 

  • No changes are required in Data Locker. The fields are added automatically.
Action required

Change your raw data ingestion processes as needed. Example CSV

SKAN raw data field additions to event reports (installs, redownloads, in-app events) 
Field name Source Description Format
af_attribution_flag AppsFlyer Reserved for AppsFlyer future use Boolean
measurement_window AppsFlyer Duration of the activity window. Default 24h. Integer
interval AppsFlyer Activity window intervals Integer
user_agent AppsFlyer Device user agent String

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