OneLink bulk link creation

At a glance: Create OneLink short URLs in bulk.

OneLink bulk link creation

OneLink bulk link creation is used to generate a large number of OneLink custom attribution links instantly, using the parameters and values listed in a CSV file.

The parameters can be either:

  • Attribution-related parameters, used for measuring and monitoring marketing efforts, like media source, campaign, and asset. Note: The media source (pid) parameter is mandatory. 
  • Personalization parameters, that let you configure a customized user experience when opening the app from the relevant link. These params let you deep link users to customized in-app content, for example, a specific product page, coupon code, or promotion.


Feed Me, a grocery delivery service, wants to send a personalized link via SMS to existing customers to encourage them to download the Feed Me app and buy fruit. Based on the country of the customer, Feed Me uses the OneLink bulk links creation feature to build custom URLs that contain specific details about different types of fruit campaigns.


To create OneLink short URLs in bulk:

  1. Create a CSV file with all the parameters and values you want. Add a column for each parameter. Make sure you use UTF-8 character encoding. See sample file  
  2. In AppsFlyer, go to Experiences & Deep Linking > OneLink Management > Bulk link creation.
    Note: If OneLink bulk link creation isn't available, contact  about upgrading your package.
  3. Upload your CSV file and click Create links.
  4. Download your link results.
    See sample file.
  5. [Optional] If you want to have a branded domain on your links, in the downloaded file, replace the OneLink domain (for example: with your branded domain (for example:

Traits and limitations



Link limit

  • Up to 8,000 links can be created per month.

Link visibility

  • Links created via the bulk creation tool do not appear in the list of OneLink custom links in the AppsFlyer dashboard. This also means the links can't be edited. And other features that require the UI, such as creating social app landing pages for the links, are not available.
  • Best practice: Save bulk-created links, so you can access the links for any future purpose. 

CSV file

Input file cannot exceed 2 MB


  • The default time to live (TTL) for OneLink short URLs created via bulk upload is 180 days. It's extended by 180 days each time the link is clicked.
  • If you don't want link TTLs to automatically extend, add the parameter renew_ttl=false to your links. Note: The parameter renew_ttl doesn't display on the actual URL.

Special characters

See limitations

Link deletion

Requires you to contact your CSM or


Need to manually add the af_prt parameter to their links via the CSV file.

URI scheme

Even if a URI scheme is set in the OneLink template, for links created in bulk, the af_dp parameter with the URI scheme must be specified in your CSV file.