Bulletin: Conditional in-app event postbacks

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November 4, 2021

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Filter in-app event postbacks so that only events meeting filter conditions are sent to partners. Set filters based on event name, properties, and values.
Use this feature to optimize user segmentation, personalization, and retention.


  • AppsFlyer sends the event to the partner in the following scenarios:
    • Both the property and its value match the data on the event.
    • There were no conditions configured.
  • In case there isn’t a match of the property or the value, the event won’t be sent. For example, if the data on the event is "event_value": "{\"level\":\"5\"}", and the property in the condition is “af_level”, then the event won’t be sent because the property doesn’t match (“level” on the event and “af_level” configured in the condition). In addition, if the data on the event is "event_value": "{\"level\":\"6\"}", and the value in the condition is 5, then the event won’t be sent because the values don’t match.
  • Conditional in-app events can be configured for all partners including SRNs and analytics partners.
  • Agencies are allowed to configure conditions for in-app events.
  • The maximum number of conditions, which include a property and a value, is 5, per event.
  • Currently, conditions can only be set to “equal”, and in case there are multiple conditions for a specific event, at least one of them needs to be met to send the postback.
  • Complex structures such as arrays are not supported.

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Conditional in-app events postbacks.

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