[Legacy] GMP DV360/CM (DoubleClick)—overview

At a glance: Learn about [Legacy] Google Marketing Platform DV360/CM (DoubleClick). Note that the AppsFlyer internal name for this integration is doubleclick_int.


At the end of Q2 2024, Google and AppsFlyer will be deprecating the legacy doubleclick_int integration. If you're using this integration, make sure to migrate to the new DV360 dv360_int integration as soon as possible to continue running campaigns and measuring them using GMP. See more details here.

Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform consists of:

      • Campaign Manager 360 (CM360): An ad management and measurement system for advertisers and agencies. It enables mobile marketers to plan, execute, and measure their display campaigns across websites and mobile.
      • Display & Video 360 (DV360): Demand-side-platform (DSP) providing trading desks, agencies, and advertisers with greater transparency and performance in global display media buying across ad exchanges.
      • Search Ads 360 (SA360): Not within the scope of AppsFlyer integration.

How does it work?—Floodlights

Google Marketing Platform allows you to create Floodlights, which are tags associated with specific conversion events. Floodlights are created for either install or post-install events (such as subscription or purchase) in order to integrate GMP and AppsFlyer for conversion measurement. GMP integration is based on mobile events, dependent on device IDs. It is not designed to report on web conversions and inventory.

Integration scenarios supported by GMP

Integration Integration type Requirements
DV360  Integrate DV360 with AppsFlyer 
  • Retrieve Floodlight values from DV360 per conversion. 
  • Integrate GMP in AppsFlyer.
CM360 + DV Buy DV360 traffic via CM360
  • Retrieve Floodlight values from DV per conversion. 
  • Integrate Google Marketing Platform in AppsFlyer.
CM360 + non-DV360 third-party media source (1)

Buying traffic from third-party media sources and measuring mobile app conversions originating from this traffic in CM360.

  • Retrieve Floodlight values from DV per conversion. 
  • Integrate GMP in AppsFlyer.
  • Retrieve CM360 measurement link.(2)
  • Retrieve AppsFlyer measurement link, which is the integrated partner media source link.(3)
  • Append AppsFlyer link to CM360 link.
  • Use the combined link in the media source.

(1) SRNs are not included in this type of integration.

(2) This integration scenario requires standard CM360 tags as described here. Other types of tags are unsupported.

(3) Per Google’s no-redirect policy, third-party links including OneLink are unsupported. Deep linking requires implementing relevant platform methods for iOS and Android.

Data sent to GMP

Based on GMP integration requirements: AppsFlyer sends postbacks to GMP relating to conversions and in-app events. Click and impression postbacks aren't sent.